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Create YouTube content with no camera.

How to create great YouTube content/ads without recording your own videos. YouTube can be a lucrative business, all you need to do is create quality content and wait to get paid. Sounds simple right ? There is many aspects that go into creating good content for YouTube and it can sometimes become overwhelming. For this …

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How to be successful without an education.

We often forget that not everyone is cut out for university or college. Especially in this world, where we’re told that education is everything and that the lack thereof means you can’t succeed. It would be nice if we could all get a degree for doing absolutely nothing, but unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that …

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How a positive mindset can impact your daily life.

Staying positive can be struggle A few years ago, I was working a job I did not like very much and my days were monotone. Although I was making a decent salary, I had trouble sleeping, trouble waking up. I never seemed to have enough energy. My moods would swing between extreme levels of elation …

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