Create YouTube content with no camera.

How to create great YouTube content/ads without recording your own videos.

YouTube can be a lucrative business, all you need to do is create quality content and wait to get paid. Sounds simple right ?

There is many aspects that go into creating good content for YouTube and it can sometimes become overwhelming. For this reason, This blog post will teach you how to create quality content without having to sit in front of a camera. We will discuss how you can create a video and audio for your YouTube channel without as much effort and technical knowledge.

1. How to create a video without a camera.

First of all, you need a video. There is many ways to create a video without having to buy a video camera. To do so, I will recommend one of my favorites: Fiverr. On Fiverr you can find tons of professionals who will be able to create an animation video for you. All you need to do is simply give them a few instruction on what you want your project to look like. Some will require you to send them a plan of your animation. You can simply draw on a piece of paper the what you want your animation to be, something simple like a comic book, you don’t need to stress over your drawing skills as they will do most of the graphics.

Once you have your animation ready, you need to add audio. If youre like me, talking into a microphone is not your best skill. This is were Speechelo come in.

2. How to create audio without a microphone

What is speechelo?
Speechelo is an AI powered software for creating YouTube videos by transforming the text into speech. It also allows you to create videos without having to record your own voice.

The benefits of using speechelo for YouTube production:
No need to worry about lighting or background noise. Just type a script into the app and it will generate beautiful, natural sounding speech with just one click! More time spent creating video content instead of worrying about mic placement or audio quality. Speechelo works with any video or audio format. No knowledge of scriptwriting or voice acting required.

The benefits of not using speechelo:
Screen recording is still a thing and will benefit you in the future, but for now if you are not worried about this aspect of YouTube production you can save yourself some money. Speechelo is still relatively new so it’s not too difficult to find a decent script writer on Fiverr if you don’t want to invest in something like speechelo right away.

What’s next ?

Okay, now you have a video and an audio track. What next ? If you know a little bit of editing, you can go ahead and put them together. If you don’t have access to any editing software, you can go back on Fiverr and find someone who will do it for you for a few bucks. On Fiverr you will find tons of listings for all sorts of tasks, but if you don’t find any listings for exactly what you’re trying to do on Fiverr, feel free to message a Fiverr creator with relevant skills and I’m sure they will be able to provide a customized task just for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this article helpful. The purpose of this article is to make the production part of an actual YouTube video slightly easier so you can focus on finding a topic that people like.

Now go ahead and get those views flowing in !

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